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armata di mare

and our planet earth

From its very origin, the Armata di Mare brand and enterprise has been working in respect of the environment, with a focus on actions to positively improve the impact that humanity is leaving on our Planet. 

#Fight4Sea is the hashtag and movement that Armata created and undertook to help clean the oceans, through plastic collection on the shores, and through the ‘compacter’ machine that presses plastic for easier recycling.

In 2017 KLM joined the Armata brand on its effort to spread a greater awareness of the grave issues affecting our planet. 

We strive to educate the final consumer towards a more responsible use of plastic, because each one of us has the power to make the world a better place.

2020 is our third year of fruitful collaboration: after #Fight4Sea and #Fight4Glaciers 


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